Can I use your service if I am contributing to the NHS Superannuation?

Unfortunately not, you are only able to utilise our services for private and non-superannuable NHS income.  If you work for both the NHS and Private clients, should you wish you would be able to split your income and utilise our services for only your private income, maintaining your Superannuation Contributions on your NHS work.

Is there a minimum contract duration, lock-in or notice period?

No, we have no minimum contract duration and you are free to leave at any time.

What is the entry level?

We don’t have a fixed entry point but our services are most viable for higher rate tax payers.

As a Dental Associate, what happens with the chair split agreement I have with the practice owner?

The arrangements that you have in place with your practice are unaffected by your involvement with AML Healthcare, we will merely be the ones contracting with the practice for you.

What insurances are included?

We hold Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances of up to £5 million each. We do require as part of the joining process a copy of the healthcare professional’s own medical insurance, for example a doctor may have their own insurance through MDU/MPS; a dentist will have it through the GDC. If the client does not have their own insurance, for example because they are covered by their qualifying body or the hospital they work for, then we need to be notified of this.

Can any practice staff join?

Our services are only viable for those who are themselves medical practitioners and are not suitable for administration or management staff.

What happens with my expenses?

If a you have reimbursable expenses that are sent through by your practice / end client / agency to AML Healthcare, these they will be paid 100% to you.

What happens if I have my own Limited Company?

We are able to work with Directors of their own limited companies so long as the work carried out is hands on medical in its nature. We are able to work with your existing account should you wish, alternatively we can direct you to a practice who would be able to look after your company administration.

What happens if I want my own Limited Company?

While we do not offer this service, we work with a number of companies that do; should you wish to open a limited company please let us know and we can put you in touch with a firm who can assist with the setting up, incorporation and administration of your own limited company.