New Smartglasses for surgeons make tumours glow

It could soon be possible for surgeons to identify and remove infected tissue from cancer patients, simply by looking through the lenses of Smartglasses.  A reactive agent is sprayed onto tissue which clings to cancerous cells. When these cells are viewed through the high-tech visor they appear to glow blue.

Cancer cells are notoriously difficult to see and these Smartglasses help to ensure that no stray tumour cells are left in the body after surgery.

Dr Margenthaler said that between 20 and 25 per cent of breast cancer patients who have lumps removed require a second surgery because current technology cannot adequately show the extent of the disease during the first operation.

The glasses could reduce the need for these additional procedures, as well as subsequent stress on patients, time and expense. If the Smartglasses pass the clinical trials, they could revolutionise the treatment of cancer patients.